Horror Story – The Isla Gorgona Mystery – someone’s diary (Octuber 29)

I’m going to Isla Gorgona from Buenaventura by boat to check the mystery around the prison, I hope to find something real this time, the people say that the prison is haunted, a lot of Colombian criminals found their death for a lot of reasons like tropical illness, abuses from the guards or just moral worth. The prison was close 1984, oficially for scientific research, but my investigation lead me to belive that real reason was for unexplicable disappearances and deaths.

The weather is very good, it´’s sunny, hot  and the temperature is around 35 celsius degrees, if we continue in this way, we are going to arrive before tonight.

at last we arrived!. There is an only one hotel in the island and the bed don’t Iook nice, but I am very tired for the travel so i’m going to rest. I am researching about the mystery tomorrow at first time.

>>> to be continue…

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