Traducción letra – Rae Sremmurd – Come Get Her

come get herRae Sremmurd is musical Duo composed for Khalif “Swae Lee” Brown (in the right) and Aaquil “Slim Jimmy” Brown (in the left), they sing trap and hip-hop.

I like this duo for this song (Come Get Her), therefore I’ll try to traduce it. If you watch something wrong in my translation, please tell me and i’ll correct it.  For more information about this duo see wikipedia Continue reading

Review – The Binding of Isaac (Video Game)

the binding of IsaacThe binding of Isaac is 2D video game that it promises you hours of enterteiment, but beware, the video game has very controversial catolic topics that it can hurts sensible people, We may start for the title, which has the same name that a biblical story, where Isaac is going to be sacriface because God wants to prove the faith of one of his believers. If you’re not a sensible person with religious topics, you can play and enjoy a very nice video game. Continue reading